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In Touch Therapeutic Massage offers a range of massage therapy services. Our massages are tailored to meet each individual's unique needs. In Touch Therapeutic Massage offers the following services:

    swedish massage

    Relaxes, loosens and soothes tight muscles, increasing circulation and improving skin and muscle tone.  Blend of oils, lotions, and essential oils may be used.

    deep tissue massage

    Slow deep massage targeting specific muscle groups using a variety of techniques.  Deep tissue massage will help loosen muscles and increase mobility and relieve pain.

     body movement therapy

    Gentle, rhythmic rocking promoting freedom and ease in the body, allowing for the release of deep seated physical and/or emotional patterns, increased mobility and deep relaxation.  

    integrative massage

    A customized blend of the above techniques tailored to the needs of  the individual.


    Energy work for stress reduction,  relaxation, and promotion of healing.  Treatment of mind, body and spirit.

    prenatal massage

    Specialized massage focused on alleviating the physical symptoms related to pregnancy, while   providing comfort and relief from stress.

    cancer and hospice bodywork

    Light touch bodywork helping to decrease anxiety, provide relief from pain and fatigue and provide emotional and physical comfort.

    hot stone

    Smooth heated stones provide a deeply warming massage increasing circulation and providing a deep sense of relaxation.

    raindrop therapy

    Use of essential oils that have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  These oils are gently applied to the back and the feet, promoting back and spine health and balancing the flow of energy throughout the body.

    ayurvedic scalp massage

    A simple questionnaire is used to describe your individual Dosha (ayurvedic mind/body type).   Specialized essential oil blends are then selected according to your Dosha and are applied using a slow scalp massage to promote relaxation of the nervous system and balance your body’s internal energies. Can be done separately or added on to 30 or 60 minute massage session.

    Price List

     30 minute massage—$45.00

    60 minute massage—$75.00

    90 minute massage— $105.00

    Hot stone 90 minute massage—-$120.00

    Hot stone add on to 60 min massage—$20.00

    Raindrop (approx. 60 –75 min)—$90.00

    Ayurvedic scalp massage (20 min.)—$40.00

    Prenatal massage — $85.00


    *$10.00 off first 60 or 90 minute appointment*

    Special Rates available for clients coming monthly or more.

    By Appointment

    in touch therapeutic massage


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